Most of the paintings below were from photos and the scene, weather, era and location added as required. We can paint a bespoke painting using your photo into any background, weather condition or era.

Commissions £195.00 for the original A2 on canvas board. Prints £115.00. Prints of any of the below are also available on canvas in any size. For details on sizes see PRICES.

CARS – Your car – where ever you want it! On the track, in the snow, in the sun or in the rain.

HOUSES/GARDENS – Any season, any era.

ANIMALS/OBJECTS – in any setting.

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F.Delecour/D.Grataloup, Ford Escort RS Cosworth c1993 – from a contemporary press photo, with added background.
Keke Rosberg Mclaren 1986 – based on black and white photo.
Tim Loftus Paul Wickes, Hillman Avenger 1983 – original photo in the dark.
Cooper T51 1959 – from a black and white photo.
Toyota MR2 1989 – photographed on a street. Background added.
Sunbeam Rapier 1961 – Background added.
Ayrton Senna, Gehard Berger, Michael Schumacher 1994. From several photos
Rover P6 2200 TC 1974 – photographed on a drive, background added
Fiat Punto 1999 – photographed on a drive, background added
Mini F55 2015 – photographed on a drive, background added

Landscapes – same place different seasons (Garden, Orpington Kent). From several photographs and live observation.

House and Garden Hartley, Kent c1981. Painted in summer from a winter photograph
Bowman’s Cottage – period feel from a contemporary photograph.

Wales 1990’s – from a photograph

Cracker 1989 – from a photograph, background added.

Holly 1995 – from direct observation.

Orpington 1990 – from direct observation

700 x 500 print on canvas £95.00

Commission from your photograph into any background, weather condition or era £195.00.